Single Passenger Rides to Large Groups

Across Town or Country

Whether it is a ride to the airport, your favorite destination, restaurant, or scheduled transportation for a group across town or country, we facilitate safe, expedient travel that is reliable 24/7. And when it comes to transporting packages, no size is too small or large. We transport almost anything that can be packaged, from household necessities to business products. Best of all, Rover's passenger & product transportation rates are competitive with Uber, UPS, FedEx, and other delivery, taxi & transportation services.

multivehicle transportation for people and packages

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We Pickup & Delivery Just About Anything

passenger pickup

Passenger Pickup & Delivery

When you schedule a ride with Rover RSD, you'll receive courteous, professional service, and all of our drivers are vetted.

transpertation for product pickup and delivery

Transporting Products

It doesn't matter who you are. You'll receive the gold standard when transporting your valuables at prices that reflect real value.

contactless grocery shopping and delivery

Groceries Delivered To Your Door

Some things you can't do without. Why not schedule weekly delivery of all your essentials for you or someone you love.

pickup and delivery of legal documents

Time Sensitive Legal Documents

Out of time and need a courier to get important documents to the courthouse or across town to your attorney, Let Rover it.

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Schedule Passenger Rides & Product Pickups Effortlessly!

We make it easy for customers to download our apps from anywhere. One click of a tab, and you'll be able to schedule local or long-distance rides for yourself or a group and easily schedule transportation for product pickups & delivery. And because our passenger rates are competitive with Uber & other ride-sharing and taxi services, you owe it to yourself to receive nothing but the best.

Schedule Passenger Rides & Product Pickups and delivery effortlessly with our app

Commonly Asked Questions

For your security and that of our drivers, all fares are paid via credit card.

Whether you require a ride to and from an airport or grocery store, you can use the tabs on our home page to schedule pickup & delivery at the same time.

Factors such as vehicle choice and destination are used to calculate precise pricing for pickups & deliveries for passengers and products. Rates for local commuting across town are competitive with Uber and other taxi services.

Yes. You can view your ride history and select your previous driver from those displayed, subject to driver availability.

We feel tipping is a nice gesture when a person does a wonderful job, but it is in no way required.

The time of day is never used when calculating a customer's price for passenger or product pickup or delivery.

Rarely does Rover RSD receive complaints, but if, for any reason, you were not satisfied with the service you received or feel a driver was discourteous in any way, we want to know about it. Please the tab below to send us an email.

Driver Questions

As a growing company, we are always on the lookout for qualified candidates who can help Rover RSD succeed. If you are interested in becoming a driver, give us a call at (844) 326-3387.

For starters, all our drivers are vetted and must have a clean driving record, be of age 20 or older, and have some experience. All prospective drivers must own a vehicle no older than 10 years and be in good condition. Exceptions can be made for meticulously cared-for vehicles. Prospective drivers must:

Provide a copy of their driver's license

A copy of their vehicle registration

A copy of vehicle insurance with passenger rider

Driving history report and undergo a criminal background check.

If you qualify, you can earn above-average income. Every driver is an independent contractor who signs an agreement and is set up to receive structured payments. Drivers are paid via wire transfers and, therefore, must have a bank account.

Most of our drivers enjoy the freedom to choose specific hours or days they desire to work.

Each driver who qualifies and meets the requirements can transport both passengers & packages depending on vehicle size and condition.

Reliability is becoming a rare commodity. At Rover RSD, our whole mission has been to create a better alternative, ensuring the delivery of products & people to their destinations across town or country without compromise.

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